Start Here (first post)

Technically this whole thing started on January 1st, 2012 with my first recording intended for this blog. I had a goal in mind of creating at least one audio file per day… of something I’ve created. So I guess I should list my own rules of the game here of what counts and what doesn’t count as “something I’ve created”:

– Any field recording of something interesting counts. Walking up to a mic and belching the alphabet does not count.

– Excessive Audio Processing is legit. Working with silence as an instrument is legit… sort of. Doing a cover of John Cage’s piece entitled 4’33” is not.

– Letting Stylus RMX or other drum loops play 4/8/16 bars of a drum loop is not legit. Incorporating loops in an intelligent manner is okay.

– Any and all instruments, sound sources are allowed; software or hardware. And please note, I own everything that I use (no “warez” here – I support the authors of the software I use). Having said that, I want to try to use everything that I have at one time or another.

– Simple editing also counts as a ditty… since producing is also a creative process, which leads to a finished product.

We’ll stop there. The point is to actually use these electronic music tools that we have to create something new instead of just playing back the presets. Most (if not all) of these ditties will have permissions set to “download enabled” on the soundcloud page.

In reality, I believe that one recording a day is doable. Sure, sometimes I might miss a day, and other times three or four nifty ditties in a row will pop out. It will all work out in the end… as long as there is three hundred and sixty-five D-a-D’s by December 31, 2012.

EDIT 01/05/12: Note to self… make that three hundred and sixty-six ditties, since 2012 is a Leap Year.