Ditty-A-Week #24: Because I can.

Now it's "Ditty-A-Week."

Basically, this is just my simple Yamaha acoustic through *all* my floor pedals, yes, all of them. Because I can, that’s why. Then a stereo feed from those pedals into an audio interface recorded straight into Ableton Live, sans pick. However I did add a little bass synth underneath it all after the fact, à la Pink Floyd; and some subtle reverb via plugins in Ableton as well. Surprisingly very little reverb is added here; the majority of the sustained tone is coming from 3 different flavors of echo/delay pedal. Definitely headphone-worthy as a result.

I’ll add in the list of pedals and such later. Maybe. For now, I’ll just give up that everything that comes after the volume pedal I use runs in stereo. Keeping it real & simple, unwinding at the end of this year’s Thanksgiving Holiday break, before all heck breaks loose. Droney guitars. Ahhhhh.

iPad/iPhone/iPad Touch users:
CLICK HERE to hear this track.


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