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Now it's "Ditty-A-Week."

It’s been a while since I’ve focused on this blog here, and the year’s end approaches soon. I’m running out of weeks!

During the Electro-Music 2012 (EM2012) music conference on Sunday, September 8, 2012, I played a 25-30 minute duet with Jeremy dePrisco (a.k.a. Shivasongster) under the moniker “RoDoJede,” which really is all kinds of clever, since it’s just an amalgam of the first two letters of our names. Tricky, huh? Anyways, this EM2012 event held to a pretty strict schedule, out of fairness to the perpetual “next act”; plus it is/was broadcast live over the interwebs.

Right after we finished our half-planned, half-blindfolded set, the sound guys/audience of peers told us we still had a good three or four minutes left in our block of time. So Jeremy and I did what we could with our (or rather my) “last-known state” palette of sounds. Jeremy is playing his Taylor acoustic guitar through various pedal effects, and I’m playing everything else: piano, synth & sfx in a ‘stack’ triggered from an 88-key weighted midi controller keyboard, plus various drum loop/patterns, plus effect levels on the fly from other midi controller surfaces. I’m not saying I did more, mind you; the work was definitely 50-50 as we had to listen to each other to see where it was going. Jeremy is an excellent focused soloist, IMHO, which a skill I’m somewhat lacking as a performer.

However, it can be a little trickier with a synth setup that uses a laptop as the primary sound source/synth engine, while still attempting a modicum of spontaneity. Limited due to time constraints, we just used the setup already dialed in for the previous song(s). In the end, I think this was the best song of the set and therefore those few extra minutes gave us a good ending.

It took us a minute or so, but eventually we found our groove. Here’s the spontaneous resulting ditty.

iPad/iPhone/iPad Touch users:
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