Ditty-A-Day #019: Subtle Variances at 90bpm.

Here is me playing a familiar set of instruments and sounds in some sort of Key-of-D-minor with the Arabic twist at the end. Note to self, I need to brush up on my theory so I can communicate what I’m playing better to other musicians. My brain and nervous system definitely click at a solid 90 bpm, slow ‘n’ steady, like this piece (and many others I do). Man, talk about downtempo.

Anyways: I’m still fine-tuning my “live Live” rig for a performance in September, and this was yet another tweak of my controller knob definitions. Feeling really good about the ability to switch things up on the fly, even using the same called up patches and plugins. The primary arp sound is a Korg MS2000R, of which I think I’m (finally) finding a new-found respect for (it’s been a rocky relationship).

Throughout the piece there isn’t much going but really subtle knob-twiddling and the like while playing a few piano notes in D as noted above. I liked the outcome, so here it is, after a little cleanup and EQ to remove some noise, but still have it come alive afterwards. Noise: the only weakness of hardware synths, and the lack of it is the primary seductive lure of software synths for me. Amadeus Pro (the audio editing app for the Mac) has a real kick-ass noise removal algorithm, which I forgot about until this thing here. Enough rambling, here it is.

iPad/iPhone/iPad Touch users:
CLICK HERE to hear this track.


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