Ditty-A-Day #018: Inner Child has a Tantrum.

Okay, the concept was simple enough. I figured, so here I am in the 4th day of my mini-holiday, a long weekend. Maybe I should wind it down by recording something simple. You know, fire up a decent piano sound and hit record. See what happens. Maybe get a happy accident.

When I tried to apply my parental musical self to be disciplined and apply myself in this task, it caused my inner musical child to throw a tantrum. Obviously.

I was doing well for the first, oh, 10-12 seconds, at which point I was trying to figure out the mode I was going for here… like telling my inner child to metaphorically “eat your peas,” do something I didn’t necessarily want to do, musically. Which promptly created the “Don Music” moment:
“I’ll never get it, never, never…” *bonk*

This has been brought to you by our two sponsors: Sesame Street News, and Acme Oven Mitts… that inner child in me envisioned having oven mitts on my hands. Take your musical peas and shove ’em, said the kid, talking back to the musical parent.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Muppets character “Don Music,” I suggest you catch up and watch this clip here on YouTube. The Don Music character was one of the few removed characters from Sesame Street’s history, due to his tantrum-like behavior. Bad influence on kids of my generation, maybe? The Muppet itself was recycled into the character Guy Smiley after that.

Should submit this to Joe Walsh or Tom Waits for their next album? Maybe I’d get my own contract.

iPad/iPhone/iPad Touch users:
CLICK HERE to hear this track.


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