Ditty-A-Day #016: Where the Tarnce Have No Name.

This came from the 30-minute recording mentioned in D-a-D #013. It uses three patches from Omnisphere: what you hear in the beginning until about the one-minute mark in all one big fat Tarnce* patch; the second track is a fade-in string pad. There are 2 copies of this used here: one is panned left; and the other panned right with different EQ and offset by about 1 second – this becomes obvious since the track panned left ends first. Finally, from 1-minute on you hear the same “water-in-a-tube” sound I used in D-a-D #014. Obviously I’m getting attached to that sound.

The “title” of this ditty has three sources:
1) The ending of the chord progression is similar to “Where The Streets Have No Name” by U2.
2) It’s basically nothing but a Trance or IDM music lead-in/breakdown/snippet; that part that plays before the drums come in, or the bass drops, and people dance.
3) *And finally, “Tarnce.” This is a running gag in the KVRaudio.com forum. I guess folks there have a hard time typing “trance.” Or, like me, some folks have a hard time just listening to trance and poke fun at the style of music itself. However I do like the intros and outros.

iPad/iPhone/iPad Touch users:
CLICK HERE to hear this track.


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