Ditty-A-Day #015: Glass Monkeys.

This came from the 30-minute recording mentioned in D-a-D #013. It uses three patches from Omnisphere: those “movie voices,” some patch that uses birds & animal in-a-market samples, and an arpeggiated xylophone/marimabas/tin can/glass sound. I used Logic to mix the recordings together. I reversed an edited portion of the xylophone line and then used a crossfade to bring in the main part of the song. The voices cut off just when the reversed line ends. There is a little reverb added.

I enjoy using ambient “nature effects.” I love the unpredictability of the mixed outcome. Hell, I have at least 24 hours worth of different types of rainstorms that I have recorded over time. Not too hard to do in Central New York since it rains here more in total amount than Seattle, Washington.

Also there is a little tremolo high-pass filter for the ambient sound so it doesn’t muddy down the lead so much, and provide a little more perceived space.

iPad/iPhone/iPad Touch users:
CLICK HERE to hear this track.

1 comment
  1. jerde said:

    Really like this one.

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