One word can make all the difference.

Only you can prevent bass neglect

While out somewhere with a friend we ran into Jim, whom we hadn’t seen (or hadn’t spoken with) in a bit. My entry into the ensuing dialog started with that normal, innocuous, everyday question: “How have you been?”

Right off the bat he shared his New Year’s resolution. This year Jim will endeavor to improve this life’s experience for himself and others by choosing different words. It doesn’t matter whether it’s just in his head, or spoken with others. He said, more or less, “I’m choosing to utilize words with similar definition but with a different overall meaning.”

This philosophical preamble brought a sense of heightened awareness when he answered the aforementioned simple question:
He continued, “…so I won’t tell you that I’ve been busy. I will tell you that I have been active.”

Funny how one word can change everything: the color of the perceived emotion, action, or outcome of a sentence. With that in mind? I haven’t posted anything musical in the last several days due to being very active.

However, being very active is not the same as being too busy to keep working on this project.
I have to make the time for it. Here comes an effort to catch up.


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