Ditty-A-Day #005: Hard to Let It Go.

This one sounds a bit like The Orb, admittedly on purpose.

Here, we’re putting a series of virtual analog synths through the paces. Just a bit overcompressed. Ableton Live 8 is the host at 94bpm; Valhalla Shimmer and Room for two types of reverb. The overlying “dreamstate” sound is one of my favorite personal patch creations from Omnisphere. All drums & percussion were hand picked to fit together for this piece from Stylus RMX. Virtual Analog synths used are: Roland SH-201, Korg MS2000R, and the Dave Smith Mopho, recorded through a Tascam US-800 audio interface, then digital out via S/PDIF into the Sony PCM-D50.

Although I really liked that little yellow synth, after recording this ditty I decided to let go of (as in, sell) the Dave Smith Mopho, since it didn’t quite fit into this little family… sort of like the weird cousin at family reunions. Thus the title. And no, I wasn’t talking about my cousins.

iPad/iPhone/iPad Touch users:
CLICK HERE to hear this track.

1 comment
  1. jerde said:

    These are long ditties! Someone has had some time on their hands. Good to hear!

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