Ditty-A-Day #004: Audio Damage & Minimalism

Here’s a minimalist groove which I edited down to 20 minutes (!) from 45 minutes. I like the outcome, but generally tend to stay away from stuff resembling house music. This probably came from that younger me that spent all time programming a second-hand Roland TR-505 drum machine in 1987; or the even younger me that spent all that dough on extended mixes and remix albums back in the 80s. You know, such as the 10 minute version of “Girls On Film” or “One Thing Leads to Another”?

To use an analogy of a diet consisting solely of fast food: there isn’t much nutritional value here, but it tastes (sounds) good once in a while.

Having said that… to me, it came out sounding a bit like Boards of Canada and Orbital got together for a jam session, minus their trademarks of children playing in the distance or clever speech interjection. Maybe I should add these elements in at a later date.

Project Notes:
This track was performed with a few restraints: limited to using only Audio Damage products that I own: Phosphor, Tattoo, Axon, EOS, Fluid & Vapor. I also went easy (almost nonexistent) on the reverb. It was played 100% live as a “mouse jockey,” and the M-Audio 88es controller, with Ableton Live 8 as the host. Nothing was sequenced, and most parts were (gasp) slightly modified presets, adjusted on the fly. Digitally recorded directly into a SONY PCM-D50 via Tascam US-800 S/PDIF out. Unfortunately, I didn’t save the Ableton project file.

iPad/iPhone/iPad Touch users:
CLICK HERE to hear this track.

  1. jerde said:

    Nothing wrong with presets. If it sounds good, it is good.

  2. Frank Furter said:

    you were on to something towards the end of this one… that last house/trance segment.

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