Ditty-A-Day #001: Unintentional Drone Creation.

I figured a good way to start off on this journey would be to do something with a real instrument (as opposed to a virtual synth) and try a different method of recording at the same time. In the end I created a drone piece, unintentionally.

Zen Tambour* (D-Akebono scale) recorded using Sony PCM-D50 on mic boom 1 foot overhead at 44.1/24. (mounting the D50 on a mc boom arm was new for me; I’ve never recorded the Zen directly via the D50 before; I am happy with the direct Sony outcome) *Initially I purchased the Zen Tambour out of part curiosity, part solution as a “poor-man’s Hang Drum.” But since I heard it sing that first note, I fell in love. Check out Steve “Spike” Finch’s Zen Tambour website… he creates true “playable art.”

– Transferred file to Amadeus Pro where I normalized the level, removed a spike. All editing was done in Amadeus Pro.

– Added Vahalla Shimmer effect first, then BBE D82 enhancement, then bumped upper EQ for brightness, & saved the file.

– Opened file in Paulstretch 2.2.2, set to stretch 4.0x, adjusted sample frequency, and rendered (which alters file to 44.1/16 by default).

Here is a clip of the stages of the process (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch users CLICK HERE to hear the process):

And here is the finished 18+ minute piece. Sounds fantastic on headphones. Not advised for consumption during long road trips; best used as a sleeping aid. The noise at the end of the piece is fingers rubbing a circle on the top of the Zen.

iPad/iPhone/iPad Touch users:
CLICK HERE to hear this track.

1 comment
  1. jerde said:

    Like the approach with all the geek speak. The Zen Tambour is an amazing instrument, and certainly your signature sound right now.

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